Sailun and World Child Cancer announce major fundraising initiative

Further to their partnership agreement signed earlier this year, Sailun Tyres and the international charity World Child Cancer have announced their intention to run a major distributor fundraising initiative.
Aimed at EU Sailun distributors (but not discounting other partners from other Regions), the Sailun World Child Cancer Challenge will task distributors with the following:

  • Raise as much money as you can for World Child Cancer (WCC) in a 6 month period (November 2015 – April 2016)
  • We will support all distributors with fundraising ideas and programme materials
  • There will be major prizes and incentives (to be announced later) for each winning distributor in two categories:
    • The largest amount (Euro) raised
    • The most raised pro rata (based on the latest official market size by tyre type - PCR or TBR - of the countries covered for Sailun by each distributor)

However the main incentive is to raise money for WCC – along with raising awareness for both the local distributor and the Sailun brand.
The total – and the winners – will be announced at the Sailun Gala Dinner to be held during Reifen 2016.
As an initial demonstration of the company’s commitment to WCC, Martin West (Managing Director, Sailun Tyres, Europe) recently visited the London Head office of WCC and presented Jane Page (Head of Corporate Partnerships WCC) with a cheque for £5000.
As Martin commented: “We have already seen a number of exciting local initiatives in a number of EU countries in support of our partnership with World Child Cancer.  We really want to stimulate activity and interest across all of our distributors, and from our global partners as well.  We will be launching the Sailun World Child Cancer Challenge at the end of October – please plan and prepare local fundraising activities – we will be supporting you all with ideas and fundraising packs.  This is a very worthwhile and exciting Challenge with great opportunities for us all.  We will be communicating further Challenge details in due course.”
For further Sailun marketing and press release information, please contact Richard Nicholson either by email ( or telephone (+44 [0] 7917 402112).

About World Child Cancer
World Child Cancer was established in 2007 by Geoff Thaxter. At the time, Geoff was Director of Services for CLIC Sargent, the UK’s largest children’s cancer charity.
During a conference in Bangladesh, Geoff visited a number of children’s cancer wards and saw for how little was being done for these children despite curative and palliative treatment being available at relatively low cost. His own daughter, Lisa, had sadly lost her battle with cancer some years before and the lack of even the most basic treatment being available for children in developing countries convinced him that something could and should be done.


Geoff set to work building an international team of healthcare professionals to help create a charity which had the capacity to deliver treatment worldwide and advocate for more funding – both globally and regionally. Tragically, Geoff died in August 2008.

Eight years on we support projects in 14 countries including Ghana, Malawi, Cameroon, Philippines, Myanmar and Bangladesh. We also support a collaborative Wilms’ tumour Africa project in Malawi, Cameroon, Ghana and Ethiopia. We do this through a unique partnership model based on three essential elements:
Funding which enables us to provide drugs, improvements to facilities, local awareness campaigns and support for patients and their families.

Local healthcare professionals who are passionate about improving care for children with cancer in their country. These individuals are key to creating a sustainable healthcare system for this and future generations.

Sharing knowledge and expertise through a two way transfer of skills by linking hospitals, healthcare professionals and support groups in developed countries with those in the developing world.  We have a network of over 50 volunteer healthcare professionals who support each other to deliver the best possible care with even the most limited of resources.

In 2014 World Child Cancer helped over 3,400 children with cancer by providing financial support and voluntary services of £1.5 million, and facilitated training for more than 1,000 healthcare professionals.

Please contact:
Michaela Taylor
Awareness Ambassador
World Child Cancer

Mobile: 07810 815035


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