All-Weather Tire

Hybrid tread pattern:

Promotes equal performance throughout 12-months of the year.

Variable angle siping:

Reduces road noise at higher speeds and enhances directional stability.

Superior Traction:

Extra-wide grooves for improved wet performance and reduced hydroplaning.


The tire that can carry you through all 4 seasons, made for drivers who encounter occasional snowfall and cold weather conditions. The Sailun 4Season is an all-weather tire combining the best traits of a performance all-season tire with the traction and grip of our renowned winter tire lineup. The unique directional asymmetric tread pattern is engineered to deliver all-season and winter performance. The 4Season features a specially formulated rubber compound that remains responsive in sub-zero temperatures to provide relentless and predictable performance throughout the 12-months of the year.

Features & Benefits: • Unique directional asymmetric tread pattern designed for all-weather use. • Slots and sipes maximize biting edges for improved traction and stopping power on wet and snow. • Outside tread block design provides stable and responsive handling on dry. • Specially formulated rubber compound to deliver responsiveness in cold weather conditions, while provided long tread life. • A true winter tire (3PMS certified) enables reduced tire maintenance and storage costs.

Mileage Rating:
H,V = 300 60,000 km
Wet Performance:
Dry Performance:
Ride Comfort:
Tread Life:


  1. Sedans
  2. Coupes




Coming in 2018:

  • 175/65R15
  • 185/55R15
  • 185/65R15
  • 195/60R15
  • 195/65R15
  • 195/55R16
  • 205/60R16
  • 215/55R16
  • 225/55R16


Size Tire Size Code Sailun Product Code L.I./S.R. Load Index/Speed Rating T.D. Tread Depth: the distance from the bottom of the tire's grooves to the top of the tread rubber. O.D. Outside Diameter: the distance around the center of the outside tread. S.W. Section Width: the width of an inflated tire in inches at its widest point. R.W. Rim Width: diameter of the rim in inches. UTQG The Uniform Tire Quality Grading rating consisting of: Traction, Temperature and Treadwear.
      32/in. in.  in. in.  
175/65R15 TBD 88H XL 11 24.0 7.0 5.00 300 A A
185/55R15 TBD 82H 11 23.0 7.6 6.00 300 A A
185/65R15 TBD 88T 11 24.4 7.4 5.50 300 A A
195/60R15 TBD 88H 11 24.2 7.9 6.00 300 A A
195/65R15 TBD 91H 11 25.0 7.9 6.00 300 A A
195/55R16 TBD 87V 11 24.4 7.9 6.00 300 A A
205/55R16 S5541278 91H 11 24.9 8.4 6.50 300 A A
205/60R16 TBD 96V XL 11 25.7 8.2 6.00 300 A A
215/55R16 TBD 93H 11 25.3 8.9 7.00 300 A A
215/60R16 S5541276 99H 11 26.1 8.7 6.50 300 A A
225/55R16 TBD 99V XL 11 25.7 9.2 7.00 300 A A
225/45R17 S5541279 94V 11 25.0 8.9 7.50 300 A A