All Season Performance Tire

Exceptional Handling:

Twin solid center ribs provides highspeed stability and great driver response.

Tread Compound:

Special UHP compound delivers excellent traction and delivers greater braking performance.

Maximum Road Contact:

Large should blocks promote even wear, and maximize road contact area.


The Sailun Atrezzo R01 is specifically designed for competition track use and high-performance driving. Whether on the track, highways or city streets, the R01 delivers the ultimate traction for high-speed driving on both wet and dry. The twin solid center ribs provide stability and exceptional driver response at high speeds. Extra-wide shoulder design resists uneven wear while maximizing rubber to road contact for extraordinary cornering and braking performance. The reinforced sidewall further resists lateral deflection to produce a phenomenally responsive tire. Our ultra-high performance compound ensures unsurpassed road feel and delivers maximum traction, so you can enjoy every twist and turn on the road ahead.

Wet Performance:
Dry Performance:
Ride Comfort:
Tread Life:


  1. Sedans
  2. Coupes



Size Tire Size Code Sailun Product Code L.I./S.R. Load Index/Speed Rating T.D. Tread Depth: the distance from the bottom of the tire's grooves to the top of the tread rubber. O.D. Outside Diameter: the distance around the center of the outside tread. S.W. Section Width: the width of an inflated tire in inches at its widest point. R.W. Rim Width: diameter of the rim in inches. UTQG The Uniform Tire Quality Grading rating consisting of: Traction, Temperature and Treadwear.
      32/in. in.  in. in.  
195/50R15 S5542337 82V 9 22.7 7.9 6.00 180 AA A
195/55R15 S5542897 89V XL 9 23.4 7.9 6.00 180 AA A
215/45R17 S5542898 91W XL 9 24.7 8.4 7.00 180 AA A
225/40R18 S5542899 95W XL 9 25.1 9.1 8.00 180 AA A
235/40R18 S5542336 95W XL 9 25.4 9.5 8.50 180 AA A
255/55R18 S5542896 109V XL 10 29.0 10.4 8.00 180 AA A
265/35R18 S5542334 97W XL 10 25.3 10.7 9.50 180 AA A

Features & Benefits:

  1. Wide circumferential grooves channel water away from the tread face to maximize traction.
  2. Twin solid center ribs provide stability and increase high-speed responsiveness.
  3. Tread design maximizes traction, handling and braking performance.
  4. Ultra-high performance specific tread compound ensures superior traction on paved roads.