Ultra High Performance Tire

Tread design:

Asymmetrical tread design for uncompromising handling and performance.

comfortable ride:

Variable pitch tread design provides a smooth, quiet ride.

Tread compound:

Advance tread compound delivers superior cornering and exceptional handling.


The Atrezzo ZSR SUV is specifically engineered to exceed the demands of high-performance crossover and sport utility vehicles. Premium quality construction with a widened tread surface design helps evenly distribute precise control and enhanced traction. A special compound formula improves overall rolling resistance to help increase fuel efficiency, while the proven asymmetrical tread pattern touts impressive wet and dry performance capability.

Mileage Rating:
V = 360 60,000 km
W,Y = 340 50,000 km
Wet Performance:
Dry Performance:
Ride Comfort:
Tread Life:


  1. SUVs
  2. Utility Vehicles



Size Tire Size Code Sailun Product Code Ply Ply Rating is the number indicating the strength of a tire casing. L.I./S.R. Load Index/Speed Rating T.D. Tread Depth: the distance from the bottom of the tire's grooves to the top of the tread rubber. O.D. Outside Diameter: the distance around the center of the outside tread. S.W. Section Width: the width of an inflated tire in inches at its widest point. S.L.R. Static Load Radius is the vertical distance between the ground and the center of the tire rotation axis. L.C.C. Load Carrying Capacity (Single): Maximum weight a tire can carry at a specific pressure. UTQG The Uniform Tire Quality Grading rating consisting of: Traction, Temperature and Treadwear.
        32/in. in.  in. in.    
235/60R18 S5542405 XL 107V 10.0 29.1 9.4 7.0 2149@50 340/A/A
235/45ZR19 S5542399 XL 99Y 10.0 27.4 9.3 8.0 1709@50 340/A/A
255/50ZR19 S5542480 XL 107Y 10.0 29.1 10.4 8.0 2149@50 340/A/A
255/50ZR20 S5542402 XL 109W 10.0 30.1 10.4 8.0 2271@50 340/A/A
255/50ZR20 S5542403 XL 109Y 10.0 30.1 10.4 8.0 2271@50 340/A/A
255/55ZR20 S5542481 XL 110Y 10.0 31.0 10.4 8.0 2337@50 340/A/A
275/40ZR20 S5542396 XL 106Y 10.0 28.7 10.9 9.5 2094@50 340/A/A
275/45ZR21 S5542400 XL 110Y 10.0 30.7 10.7 9.0 2337@50 340/A/A
295/35ZR21 S5542482 XL 107Y 10.0 29.1 11.9 10.5 2149@50 340/A/A
275/40ZR22 S5542397 XL 108Y 10.0 30.7 10.9 9.5 2205@50 340/A/A
295/40ZR22 S5542398 XL 112Y 10.0 31.3 11.9 10.5 2469@50 340/A/A